We have a well-equipped workshop and the experience and expertise to tackle any job. From fixing a puncture or replacing brake pads to a full strip down and rebuild, we’ve got you covered. We will assess your bike for free, give you honest, professional advice and find a solution that meets your budget.

Bike Check - Free

Pop in any time and while you wait we will check over your bike to see if anything requires attention. We will advise what work needs to be done and give you a quote.

Bike MOT - £30

A thorough going-over from front to back and top to bottom, to make sure your bike is safe and roadworthy:

  • Gears & Brakes - check, adjust and tune

  • Frame - check alignment and inspect for damage or corrosion

  • Wheels - check for trueness

  • Tyres - check condition and inflate

  • Headset - check and adjust

  • Bolts - checked for tightness with torque wrench

This does not include the cost of any parts or the labour to fit them. If further work is required, this will be discussed and agreed with you before any work is carried out.

Service - £60

If your bike requires more than a few simple adjustments, it will need a service to get it back to perfect working order and increase the lifespan of the components. Our service covers everything in the Bike MOT plus:

  • Drivetrain - remove chain, cassette and cranks and clean in the parts washer; clean derailleurs; lubricate and reinstall or replace as necessary; tune up

  • Frame - clean, inspect

  • Brakes - tune up, adjust alignment of pads/calipers, replace as necessary

  • Wheels - clean, true and tension

This does not include the cost of any parts that need replacing. Your bike may also require some additional work, such as:

Other jobs

  • Headset service/replace - £20 plus cost of parts if required

  • Bottom Bracket service/replace - £15 (£10 if done as part of a standard service) plus cost of parts if required

  • Brake bleed – £15

  • Cable replacement - £4 per cable plus cost of cables

  • Hub service - £15 plus cost of bearings if required

  • Puncture repair - £10 *this price includes £5 inner tube (£15 for hub geared bike or e-bike)

  • Gears tune-up - £10

  • Brakes tune-up - £10

  • Drivetrain clean - £30 : chain, cassette and cranks removed and cleaned, derailleurs cleaned, then reassembled, lubed and tuned

  • Tyre replacement - £5 plus cost of tyre *FREE inner tube with every tyre

  • Tubeless tyre conversion - £15 per tyre plus cost of tyre, valve and tape if required

  • Spoke replacement - from £15 plus cost of spoke(s)

  • Wheel true - £10

  • Wheel replacement - £10

  • Wheel build - £40 plus cost of parts

  • Suspension fork - service lowers - £25 plus cost of parts

  • Rear shock - service air can and replace bushings - £30 plus cost of parts

  • Reverb dropper post bleed - £20

  • Boxed bike build - £35 (TT and Tri bikes may cost more due to the extra time sometimes required with these types of bike) *Includes a 6-week check-over, just like you’d get if you bought your bike from a shop

  • Crash assessment letter on headed paper for insurance purposes - £10

  • Bike fitting - adjust saddle and cockpit to fit rider - £15

  • Suspension set-up - set sag, compression and rebound to suit rider - £10

We carry a good range of the parts that you might need, however we are also happy to fit parts bought elsewhere - the labour charge will be the same.                                                                    

As we do not sell bikes and concentrate on repairs and servicing, we are not tied to any particular brands to the exclusion of others. So if you have bought a mail order bike (Canyon, YT, Rose, Vitus etc) - or are thinking of buying one - we would be delighted to offer you the support and service you need to choose, assemble and set up your new bike and keep it running smoothly.