We specialize in repairing and servicing all kinds of bicycle - from city bikes to mountain bikes, road bikes to e-bikes, puncture repairs to full services, we’ve got it covered.


Maybe your city bike is feeling the strain from the daily commute, or your road bike needs a quick check over before Sunday’s club ride. Perhaps your mountain bike is buried under layers of mud and needs stripping down and rebuilding ready for a weekend in Wales. Or maybe you’ve just dug your dad’s old bike out of the shed and want to give it some TLC and get it back on the road.

We have the tools, experience and expertise to get your bike running smoothly and quietly.

We’re happy to take on any job,  large or small,  and are always available for advice regarding anything to do with bikes. If you fancy tackling a fix by yourself but need a nudge in the right direction,  we’re always here to help. We’ve also started writing some helpful tips & advice, to be sure to check that out, too

All work is done on the same day (or even within an hour!) wherever possible.  Appointments are available, but not necessary.

Please have a look at our Workshop Menu for more information,  or pop into the shop,  give us a call or drop us a line.